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Water heaters are a valuable part of your plumbing system. They take the cold, clean water coming in from your main water line and allow you to heat it up for use in cleaning, cooking, and showering. Face it, hot showers are just plain more enjoyable.

That’s exactly why it’s such a frustration to learn you need a water heater repair. You would usually discover this when you are stepping into what you thought was a welcoming hot shower, only to discover it’s an icy, cold trap.

The issues vary from damaged water heater gas lines, to broken pressure valves or incoming water pipe leaks. Whatever the problem, we can fix it. We also want to make sure your water heater is working properly and safely to protect your family.

We have years of experience inspecting water heaters to determine their problems. It can sometimes be as simple as replacing a small part that malfunctioned. Of course, it can also be as big as needing to get a water heater replacement.

We also offer water heater installations when you want  a new one. Need a new tanked water heater, we carry those. Perhaps you would like the on-demand feature of a tankless water heater. We can install those too.

Water heater manufacturers such as Rheem, Navien and A.O. Smith make high quality appliances that will last you for years. They are brands we trust to deliver long term hot water heater reliability to our customers.

We are happy to come do a water heater flush to help clear things out and ensure your water heater is working properly. Just give us a call with questions or to schedule your free estimate.

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