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For the sake of both their staff and customers, businesses must maintain their plumbing in peak condition. Don’t worry, we have your back.

Lehi Plumber Pros is there anytime you need us, even for plumbing emergencies. As a division of Beehive Plumbing, we’re experts in Lehi Commercial Plumbing services.

Backed-up toilets? Overflowing water fountains? Clogged drains? Water fountains leaking? Whatever your needs are for commercial plumbing in Lehi and the surrounding areas, we can provide the quality and service that your company expect.

Business plumbing is distinct since it requires speedy outcomes. When you have consumers waiting, it is not financially feasible to delay services. To get through their workdays, your employees rely on the restrooms and drinking fountains to be operational.

The sheer scale of the majority of commercial plumbing systems is another distinctive feature that take’s experience and skill. There are several sinks, toilets, drains, fountains, boilers, and water heaters in large businesses. This implies that there are several potential problems, none of which are acceptable.

We frequently take care of the items you normally think of, like toilets and drains, but we are also specialists in taking care of less typical problems that nonetheless have a significant impact. You might not be aware of silent leaks until your water bill unexpectedly increases. Your team may become dissatisfied if there is low water pressure because it can weaken your water lines. These are but a few examples.


Whatever the problem, our team of skilled Lehi commercial plumbers is equipped to solve the problem quickly and affordably.

To handle your Lehi commercial plumbing requirements, call to arrange for a free site consultation and estimate. Call us at (801) 516-0919

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Lehi Commercial Plumbing at a Fair Price

When you need to keep your hotel rooms clean, your restaurant open, or your store cash register ringing, commercial plumbing is essential. 

We respond to the request to correct matters as soon as possible if the water stops running (or flows excessively). This is why so many companies rely on us for their commercial plumbing needs in Lehi.

For your complete peace of mind, we offer guaranteed and fully licensed commercial plumbing repairs. Therefore, whatever plumbing requirements your company may have, our team of experts will be available to take your call and restore functionality.

You can trust that we can handle your business’s plumbing needs, because we regularly handle plumbing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We frequently deal with leaky drinking fountains, overflowing toilets, clogged sinks, boiler repairs, water heater replacements, and any other commercial plumbing issues you can think of in Lehi.

Know that we also provide Residential Plumbing repair services in Lehi if you own a home. Get a free estimate by calling us at (801) 516-0919 to find out how we can assist you.

Lehi Commercial Plumbing Services

Compared to residential plumbing, commercial plumbing and industrial plumbing pipe systems are much more complex. The accessibility of valves, piping couplings, and other parts varies.

Occasionally, depending on the industry, fixing a water leak or replacing a damaged pipe may prevent regular operations from taking place on a particular workday. In order to avoid disrupting your Lehi area business, we always advise having any commercial plumbing repairs serviced or replaced as soon as feasible.

Regular plumbing repair of your current overall plumbing system should always be a part of your commercial plumbing. If you compare the cost of routine maintenance to the cost of emergency plumbing, you can save thousands of dollars.

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The majority of businesses are not thinking about the many potential issues that can happen with their plumbing. Among so many other things, we offer commercial sewer services in addition to the indoor commercial plumbing services that we offer. 

We offer a wide range of services, including business drain cleaning and repairs for sewers. Commercial hydro jetting is our area of expertise for companies in Lehi and northern Utah County.

For both new and existing commercial and industrial properties, we offer the following local plumbing services:

Leak detection

In order to pinpoint the precise problem area and resolve it quickly, our commercial plumbers in Lehi employ thermal imaging technology. This eliminates the need for trial-and-error or breaking up your property in order to detect the leak. For all your commercial leak detection solutions, call your Lehi commercial plumber pros.

Commercial Drain cleaning

Your drains are only one of many things that clogged sewer systems can obstruct. A clogged drain might result in serious issues if your staff or customers depend on running water. When you need it most, you can rely on our Lehi commercial plumbing services, which are offered seven days a week, to take care of things like drain cleaning for your office, hotel, or restaurant. For immediate assistance or a free estimate.

Grease trap repair

In addition to the penalties that can carry a heavy cost, a grease trap that isn’t working properly might endanger the general public. To perform the necessary upkeep and guarantee that your grease trap is functioning properly, call our experts for fast and affordable commercial plumbing in Lehi.

Burst pipes

Your pipes’ natural tendency to expand and contract in response to temperature variations leads to the potential for bust pipes. Unfortunately, this is occasionally unavoidable. Additionally, if your pipes have already burst, you could be in for significant water damage. So don’t wait to call us right away to take care of this commercial plumbing issue for you.

Bathroom plumbing

Your bathroom plumbing issues can be fixed by our business plumbers, and we can also make any changes you might like. Our plumbing company is prepared to fulfill any request you may have, whether you need new plumbing fittings or a completely new bathroom installed.

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